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Released July 24, 2012

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G4DG0060 $9.99 BUY NOW
CD G4CD0060 $9.99 BUY NOW

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The "Annual Report" download will be sent via email 2 weeks before the release date, and the CD/poster will be shipped in time to arrive by the release date.

Galapagos4 presents 全tarcrossed’, a stunning instrumental album by Batsauce. Born Britt Traynham in Jacksonville FL, Batsauce’s resume includes production work for ... > More

Individual mp3s are $0.89 each. All mp3s since 2010 are 320Kbps (those before 2010 are 192 Kbps).

Play Track Title Artist Duration Buy
1 In Your Ear Batsauce 0:56 BUY NOW
2 What You Need Batsauce 2:53 BUY NOW
3 Ichiban Batsauce 2:19 BUY NOW
4 Love Notes I Batsauce 1:40 BUY NOW
5 Beyond Batsauce 2:08 BUY NOW
6 Re-Purpose Batsauce 2:12 BUY NOW
7 Love Notes II Batsauce 2:46 BUY NOW
8 Re-Entry Batsauce 2:38 BUY NOW
9 What Shall I Say Batsauce 2:45 BUY NOW
10 Hallucinations
featuring Lady Daisey (vocals), Wynton Kelly Stevenson (additional vocals), Joseph Yorio (saxophone)
Batsauce 3:35 BUY NOW
11 The Unspoken Word Batsauce 2:22 BUY NOW
12 Love Notes III Batsauce 3:26 BUY NOW
13 Chiefin
featuring DJ Giotto (cuts)
Batsauce 2:40 BUY NOW
14 Forward Thinking Batsauce 1:48 BUY NOW
15 Love Notes IV Batsauce 1:08 BUY NOW

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