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Where you from?

Chicago. Irving and Albany Park. Moms moved the fam to Maine when I was in high school and I ended up staying up there for about 10 years. 6 of it was in Portland. Land of mispronounced r's and 50 feet of snow every winter. I also spent some time in North Carolina. They got like 20 different kinds of bbq sauce down there, no joke. Now I'm back in the Chi.

So what you on?

To keep it simple, I dig for records and make beats with them. When I was 18 and got into college, I got my first credit card. I bought an MPC with it. I never paid off the credit card, nor did I finish college, but I ended up making a bunch of beats with records I jacked from the campus radio station. I'm talking crazy shit, Dennis Coffey, Can, Roy Ayers, Yusef Lateef... crazy shit. I only imagine what I passed up on knowing what I know now. Anyway, 12 years later I'm still out here making beats. I'm back in Albany Park, and productive as ever.

You put out any music before the Robust EP?

I been doing homemade tracks with the homies for years. Various group projects and selling beats and shit. Really just trying to learn as much as I can about the music and try to develop my own sound. I got held back for a while, cause I had some lessons to learn and shit. I feel like the bar is pretty high as far as producers go these days. You really got to come with it. As far as projects go, I did a concept beat tape EP called BeatKuneDo I put out on the internet last year. Also got a jazz mix I did out there in dedication to one of my biggest influences, Atlantic Records producer Joel Dorn. Still just getting my feet wet at this point. This new EP with Robust was big step, that fool really compliments my style of beats, plus that's the homie.

Whats next?

Max, Bigga, and I are starting up a production team called Old Irving. Max and I beat battle on the phone frequently, I sonned his ass last night though... hahaha. These days I'm really focused on learning as much as I can about beats and keeping the creative drive going. I just did some beats for the Potholes follow up. I'm going to also do another edition of the BKD tape this winter. Getting back into doing more live mpc shit too. Starting to come up with some ideas for a solo record. Hoping I'll be able to quit my day job soon and focus on making music.

Anything else?

Really thankful to have my first official release on a label come out on Galapagos 4. With a producer line up like Max, Meaty, Maker etc. I'm humbled to even be involved. I came a long way just to get to where I'm at right now, and it feels good, but honestly I'm just getting started. Interviews like this aren't really my bag, I'm trying to let the beats speak for themselves..



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